About us

“Homadis Teb Pouyan” Pharmaceutical Products Company was established in 2022 to complete the production and treatment chain of the Iranian Consortium of Dialysis with the mission of producing and supplying drugs and medical equipment for medical use in hospitals and medical centers in Iran.

Urgent import of drugs, a specialized company for supplying drugs for dialysis patients, and the establishment of a pharmacy for people are among the other activities of this Company.


Homadis Teb Pouyan Company has an effective role in preventing and treating patients with high-quality products by international standards and modern technology in an effective way and certain period by protecting human values and adding value for the interested parties.

In short, the vision of Homadis Teb Pouyan Company is as follows:

  • Creating innovative treatment methods
  • Improving the quality of life of patients in the fields of related activities
  • Improving medical services
  • Progress in the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment with the latest technology and the most up-to-date standards in the world with the cooperation of international companies.


  • Providing services with the highest standard level for patients
  •  Establishing a specialized pharmacy selected in the field of the ICD Group activities.

To carry out this mission, the company has emerged as a capable research institution and supplier, and while investing and attracting the participation of leading foreign companies in the development of collaborative management and upgrading the scientific and technical level of its employees, it will try to create effective and coordinated communication. With other related institutions, it has fulfilled its central role in the production, supplying, studying, and implementation of plans, and projects.

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Ground Floor, No. 44, Saadat Abad Blv Tehran, Iran
Postal Code: 1998836796
Phone: +98-21-72925
Fax: +98-21-22073103
Email : info@homadisteb.com

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